22 Dads entered the race for this year's RAD DAD contest. But, just like the Highlander, there can only be ONE. A big thanks to all of the RAD DADs in this year's contest. Thanks for just being good dads and raising your kids right.

After a close race out of the gates, this year's leader got in front and didn't look back at the competition. Raking in 33% of the votes, we are proud to present this year's RAD DAD, Ty Adkins.

I'm a father of 3 amazing kids. 2 from my wife's previous relationship that I love just like my own. This picture is of my step son and I golfing.

Ty will receive

2nd place goes to Brodi, with 11% of the votes, he wins 2 Marilyn Manson tickets!

A new and young dad but the most loving and raddest dad :) !! Our baby boy has a lot of adventures in store

3rd place goes to John Nelson with 10% of the votes, he wins 2 Marilyn Manson tickets!

I'm nominating my husband as the most RAD dad there is! He loves to ride motorcycles with his son whenever he can. He bought him his first Harley when his was just 16! Connor has just upgraded his bike to something a little bigger so they can take longer trips together. He's the hardest working dad I know, he would do anything for Connor. He deserves to win! Thanks!

Once again! BIG thanks to ALL the RAD DADS this Father's Day. Thanks for being there for your kiddos. Enjoy yourselves this Sunday.