Talk about a weird coincidence. A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook a couple of days ago of two quarters she had received as change from a business. What made that interesting is that there are bats on the backside of the quarters. Weird, right? The same year the world gets turned upside down from a virus that supposedly came from a bat, the US Mint released new quarters that feature... bats.

Credit: Bree Milam, used with permission
Credit: Bree Milam, used with permission

I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will latch on to this as a sign the government is in on the whole thing, but it really is just a bad timing coincidence. The quarters are part of the Mints "2020 America the Beautiful Quarters® Program", featuring different quarters for our National Parks. The coins with the bats are featured on the National Park of American Samoa coins. American Samoa is a remote island about 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii. The bats are Samoan fruit bats. The US Mint says,

The reverse (tails) design depicts a Samoan fruit bat mother hanging in a tree with her pup. The image evokes the remarkable care and energy this species puts into its offspring. The design is intended to promote awareness of the species’ threatened status because of habitat loss and commercial hunting. The National Park of American Samoa is the only national park the Samoan fruit bat calls home. Inscriptions are “NATIONAL PARK,” “AMERICAN SAMOA,” “2020,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

There ya go. No conspiracy, just awkward timing on the coin release.

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