27 year-old Daniel Redman is being held on $25,000 bail after allegedly beating and strangling his girlfriend at their home in Missoula.

Redman appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail before Judge Karen Orzech. Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke explained why the bond request was so high.

"The State believes high bond is warranted because at least one prior violent incident has been reported, and the strangulation in this case was significant," Koepke said.

Court records indicate that on Monday, August 17th at a residence on Great Northern Avenue. Redman allegedly beat his partner with his fists after an argument. When the victim fought back and bloodied Redman's nose, he put her in a choke hold, strangling her by putting his arm around her neck. The victim told authorities when she reported the incident the next day at her workplace, that she thought she might die while she was being choked. The victim had at least 14 bruises on her body, and a large red spot in her eye.

Orzech placed Redman back in jail on $25,000 bond for the felony charge of aggravated assault, and $10,000 for the misdemeanor charge of partner or family member assault.

Judge Orzech warned the defendant that she was serious about there being no contact with the victim.

"I mean it," said Judge Orzech. "If there is one Facebook post, one phone call, if there's one rose on the seat of the car, you're going back in on $50,000."

Redman's next court appearance will be on September 2.


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