First of all, I'm using "Rock" loosely here.  "Rock / Metal / Core" made for a really long title.  Most of these songs caught my attention because they sounded familiar from brief pop music encounters. Number two on this list I didn't even know was a cover until just recently. Joke's on me, I actually made a bet that it was an original and now I'm out $20. Love them or hate them, these are some of my favorite pop covers.

5. Little Lion Man - Tonight Alive (Originally Mumford & Sons)

This one is still on the poppy side of things but you have to see her perform live, the sound is so much heavier. I caught them at warped tour one year and wish that I could find a better recording of the live show.

4. Alejandro - Helia (Originally Lady Gaga)

My friend showed me this one awhile ago and I fell in love with it. End of Story.

3. Hit Me Baby One More Time - August Burns Red (Originally Brittney Spears)

I had a hard time figuring out if I liked this or Children of Bodom's cover of "Oops, I Did It Again," but lets face it, anything is better than Brittney.

2. Cannibal - Monsters Scare You (Originally Kesha)

You may have seen these guys in Missoula a couple years ago, there was a last minute show at the Dark Horse. I couldn't say no to going to a show where the tour was named "Taking Your Pants Off."

1. Paparazzi - Underride (Originally Lady Gaga)

This band also played the Dark Horse a few years back with Walking Corpse Syndrome, High Voltage, and Burn Halo.  That's right... you remember singing along to this one...


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