As much as mother nature tends to try and keep us from traveling this time of year, it is by far the busiest travel season of the year. With the holidays among us, many people are looking to visit friends and family, regardless of what the weather or rising gas prices may throw at us.

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Americans are determined to hit the road this holiday season no matter the cost at the pump, according to the latest survey by Hankook Tire America Corp. While Hankook's latest Gauge Index revealed that two-thirds (67 percent) of Americans said increasing gas prices have had a major-to-moderate impact on their daily driving habits, over half (57 percent) still plan to travel this holiday season. Furthermore, traveling by car is the most popular mode of transportation for all the surveyed holidays.

Maybe you have friends and family looking to visit you this year. Or maybe you are just looking to find a spot other than your uncle's couch to crash on this holiday season. Airbnb has a ton of options for places to stay in Missoula.

Don't leave any family behind... These spots are pet friendly and affordable.

We went ahead and figured out a way for Fido and Mittens to join you in Missoula for your holiday festivities this year. With gas prices high and overall inflation taking its toll on spending. These gorgeous Missoula Airbnbs are approximately $100 or less.

Airbnb Offers a Stay at This Awesome Cottage in Bonner, Montana

As the listing says, "Reconnect to nature at this transforming, off-grid, PET-FRIENDLY forest oasis." It's a tiny home in the middle of the woods but just a short trip away from many activities and destinations.

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