We've all heard that college is the best time of our life. It's that wonderful in-between time where we learn to balance growing up and studying, while partying like it's a requirement for our post-grad job. What we haven't heard from everyone older and wiser is how to make a smooth transition from college life and routines into behavior that is more acceptable in the real world. Often, some college habits follow us from campus to that new apartment in the big city where our first real job awaits. Here are five things that are totally OK in college, but earn some weird looks after graduation.


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    The "Just-Rolled-Out-of-Bed" Look in Public

    In college we all become a bit proud of our ability to get very little sleep and then rally for that test or study group the next morning. Days like these, though (and especially Sundays), we often let something slide: our appearance. "Sunday Sweatsday" becomes a norm, as does yoga pants and glasses every Monday. Showers are optional.

    Somehow, I get the feeling that the company barbecue your manager will invite you to next year will have a dress code of clothes that can't double as pajamas. You will most likely get funny looks if you go anywhere in public other than Walmart while you're dressed like a hungover teenager about to go to the gym. I guess it's time to invest in a few more pairs of real pants.

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    College is the perfect time for pranks. When you're surrounded by thousands of other 18-24 year olds, anything goes. This includes pouring orange juice on someone getting out of the shower, removing the tires from a car, coloring on passed out friends, putting an unlocked bike up a tree, fishing on the streets with a dollar bill, and glitter bombing a house full of guys. Somehow, I don't think the rest of society can be pranked so much in good humor.

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    Drinking Directly From the Bottle

    Take a swig and pass it on! It's an effective way to get drunk fast. If you're "pregaming" for a party, a football game or a concert, passing around a bottle of alcohol and a chaser is a cheap and easy way to get that buzz you're looking for. And alcohol kills germs, right? Unfortunately, whether for hard A or wine, after college you are expected to have more cups... and probably not binge pregame so much.

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    No, I don't mean the activity where you hold hands and frolic down a sidewalk. I'm talking about deciding that sleep or an ice cream run to Big Dipper is more important than class. In college, you pay for classes (about $60 per class for out-of-state), so technically it's your choice to show up or not. In the working world, you get paid to show up. If you start deciding that Netflix is a better use of your time than work, you might not have to make that decision much longer.

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    Hanging Out on a Friend's Bed

    I was recently having a conversation with one of my co-workers who thought it was really strange and suspicious that a couple people we knew were hanging out in each others' bedroom. Still in my college stage, I didn't think that was weird at all. This behavior can be traced back to the dorms. There is rarely other available seating, so it's only natural that a guest would join you on the bed. Once you live in a house with other people, if the common area is already occupied, the next option is to hang out in your bedroom. The largest piece of furniture in there is the bed, so of course you're going to sit on it. In fact, I didn't even know this wasn't typical behavior until I was sitting on a friend's bed one day and we can across an article that talked about normal things that become weird after college.

    If you think about it, though, why would you take someone to your bedroom? There are only a couple reasons, and none of those will apply to every guest you will bring to your home. At some point, you'll have to make the transition from chatting on the bed to entertaining in the living room.