Congrats to our winner Justin Wolff for winning the last Caption It! Contest!


"Can you hurry up

I'm just here for a lollipop"


Justin just won an autographed Shinedown Photo!

Because I was absent last Monday, and in a cold coma this Monday, I'm going to combine the last couple week's voting poles.

Remember that whoever gets the most “Likes” on their comment for the Caption It! Pictures that I post goes to the Blaze Voting Round, so comment and tell your friends to “Like” it.  If you see someone else who has an awesome or funny comment, help them out by liking it.

I have been posting random pictures of things that I have found, but if you have a picture that you want featured on Caption It, you can send it to me. My email is

Here are the rules:

1) I post a picture on The Blaze’s Facebook page

2) You comment on it

3)Listener with the most “likes” on his or her comment makes the Blaze voting round

4)Everyone votes on their favorite over the week, and I post the winner on Monday

And here is this weeks voting! Winner gets an autographed Shinedown poster!

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