Construction and road work projects happen every day in Missoula, but I wanted to make sure you knew about this one because it could effect your school day. I know a lot of U of M students and Hellgate High School students & parents are sometimes in a rush to get to class on time, and the last thing you need is a detour. That's no way to start off your day.

Starting on Monday, September 21st, you can't park on 6th street between Russell and Higgins. That sucks for a neighborhood already suffering from lack of parking. The City will be doing street maintenance on 6th all next week and will tow any parked vehicles that are in their way. Depending on the situation, a vehicle can be anywhere from $90 to $250 to get back from the towing company, you definitely don't want that drama. Especially right now when most of us couldn't afford a $20 surprise expense, let alone a $100 one.

And I have to admit, I did have to Google 'milling.' The Googs told me it was "moving around in a confused mass," which cracked me up. That would be a fun reason to close down the street. But as it turns out, street milling just means removing damaged pieces of road for repairs.

So keep in mind that all next week, there will be road work on 6th, don't be busting ass to school or work and get detoured, because then you'll have to speed and/or get angry in traffic and nobody wants that.

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