If you grew up playing Nintendo games in the '90s, you most certainly played the Vlasic classic "Tecmo Super Bowl". It's time for those skills to shine once again.

Tecmo Super Bowl will go down in history as one of those video games everyone played. I remember having so much fun and being so frustrated at the same time. Playing as your favorite team or player and actually learning the game. You literally got to call the offensive and defensive plays. I can still see the Joe Montana and Jerry Rice celebration in the endzone all in glamorous 8-bit technology.

Now it's time to dust off those skills and really put them to the test for the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament coming to Missoula. This looks so fun! Just watch out for the competitors that take the Raiders so they can have Bo Jackson. Those players are for real.


Check out the details.

Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

When: Saturday, February 11th @ noon. 

Where: Eagles Lodge, 2420 South Avenue West (Missoula)

Register at: www.vlasicclassic.org 

Cost: $40 per entry. Players are guaranteed a minimum of 5 games

Only 32 entries are available, so space is limited.

All games will be played on old-school vintage Nintendo equipment. (Heads up. This game was notorious for having to blow the cartridge out a few times before working).

Pizza and nonalcoholic beverages will be provided

Questions: email tecmomissoula@gmail.com

Now, even if you aren't a '90s Nintendo superstar, you are still more than welcome to come down and cheer on your friends. Good luck to all the contestants!


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