We're all ready for this pandemic to just fade away in the rearview mirror. The good news is restrictions are starting to ease and the vaccine is getting distributed. But who knows what to believe when it comes to things getting back to normal. I saw a story yesterday where Dr. Fauci said it's a possibility we could still be wearing masks in 2022 - and I saw another story today where concert promoters are starting to book shows for late summer and the fall of this year. So we're still getting mixed messages when it comes to social gatherings. All we can do is just power through one day at a time.

Even though things are slowly getting better - there are plenty of businesses that are still suffering. One of those is A Carousel for Missoula. A Facebook post from May of last year announced that the Carousel would be closed until further notice. And I happened to be looking at their page earlier today when I noticed a comment asking if they would be opening at all this year. The Carousel replied back with "We are constantly evaluating when and how it will be safe to open. At this time, we don’t know when that will be, though we surely hope it will be this year."

What a bummer that one of Missoula's most recognizable attractions is still closed. Everyone loves the Carousel - including the author of a recent national article that lists the Five Things to Visit While Staying in Missoula. But there is a way you can have some fun and enjoy the Carousel even though it's technically closed. You can rent it out for a "pod party" and enjoy some riding time with just your group of guests.

It sounds like a great idea for anybody trying to plan a birthday party during these difficult times. You can still get together with friends and family, it's outdoors, masks are required, and it brings in a little money for the Carousel when they aren't operating as they normally would be.

Contact A Carousel for Missoula at 406-370-3922 or visit their Facebook page HERE.

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