Flat-earthers. Ha! They're adorable and always make us laugh. Science be damned! They did a half hour of research on the internet, so they obviously know more than actual scientists!

This guy, Nathan Thompson, is a flat-earther. Recently, he encountered a NASA employee at a local Starbucks and attempted to shake him down for information about astronauts who supposedly almost drowned in space after their space suits filled with water or something.

The NASA employee, understandably, didn't want much to do with this debate, as he was simply out for a cup of coffee. But Thompson kept attempting to poke the bear, eventually saying that the NASA employee hated Americans and was a liar.

Not surprisingly, Thompson eventually got kicked out of the Starbucks for causing a scene. But if you ask him, he'd probably tell you he got kicked out because he was "spreading the truth" or "awakening people to the lie" or some BS like that.

Go back to fifth grade science class, dips**t.

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