There is definitely no shortage of great beer in Missoula. There is also no shortage of caring friends and neighbors who, at the drop of a hat, are ready to pitch in for a friend or loved one in need. Perfect pairing, right?

If I had to sit here and try and list off all the great Missoula beers and breweries we would be here all day. So many of them do such an amazing job when it comes to their craft, but when it comes to helping the community, our breweries are second to none in my opinion.

On September 15th our own Missoula Kettlehouse Brewery invites you out for "Ales for ALS" to help raise funds for awareness, continued research, and development for ALS.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis more commonly known as Lou Gherigs Disease) is a progressive neurological disease that affects many Montanans. Breweries around the country come together to show support with their own "ALS Brew".

Breweries from around the world are invited to join Ales for Ales. Once accepted, participating Ales for Ales™ brewers receive their requested amount of the unique hop blend, created and donated annually by Loftus Ranches and Yakima Chief Hops exclusively for brewers participating in this fundraising program. There is no charge to brewers for this amazing hop blend. Ales for ALS™ brewers donate $1 to the ALS Therapy Development Institute for each pint of the resulting Ales for ALS™ brew sold. The funds raised are spent immediately on their mission to discover and develop effective treatments for ALS. - Ales for ALS Website

There is no cost to attend the event at the Kettlhouse Brewery (605 Cold Smoke Avenue, Bonner MT) from 5 pm - 8 pm. There is a registration site to sign up. Please try and use this so they can get a gauge on attendance, but I'm sure if you just show up on the day of the event that should be fine too. The more attendees the better.

So get out and drink some great Montana for a great cause!


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