A Perfect Circle have just released a new video for “Disillusioned,” the second track from the band’s hugely anticipated Eat the Elephant album. Like in the track’s lyrics, “Disillusioned” deals with society’s obsession with technology and the disconnection between human beings as a result.

Though the release of a new Tool album in 2018 is questionable, A Perfect Circle have locked in April 20 for Eat the Elephant. APC have been steadily introducing fans to new songs for an entire year, first giving fans a taste of “Feathers” during an April 2017 concert. A Perfect Circle kicked off 2018 with the release of “Disillusioned” and we’ve now got a video for the harmonious cut.

The clip showcases a group of people helplessly attached to their smartphones, the silicon obsession turned into an addiction. The video’s female lead comes into an experiment to try out a contact lens version of the smartphone, which in all likelihood, isn’t too far away.

While she tries the lenses out, she comes upon a group of people who’ve ditched their technology, holding hands in a circle to celebrate their togetherness and appreciation of the natural world. Now enlightened, she leads a group of her fellow lab rats out of the experiment and into the field. Given Maynard James Keenan’s views on cell phones at shows, the point of the video is sure to come through very clearly.

Check out the video for “Disillusioned” above. A Perfect Circle are also offering a limited edition 10” vinyl of “The Doomed” and “Disillusioned,” so click here to check it out.

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