Everyone thinks their hometown and little spot on this planet is unique, but when it comes to Missoula, Montana, I think all would agree that we are pretty darn special.

People still don't believe we surf here.

Yes, Missoulians surf! Brennan's Wave is a handcrafted sight to behold on the Clark Fork River at Caras Park. You can see people surfing almost year-round, they must have some seriously high-quality wetsuits! The wave is named after world-class Missoula kayaker Brennan Guth, who died in Chile in 2001 pursuing his sport and passion.

What's with the letters on our mountains?

Many towns have the first letter of their name on a mountain or hill, but TWO!? Yes, we have two, and they're not put together with a few rocks. These are massive concrete letters hundreds of feet up mountains. In fact, we used to have THREE letters overlooking our city, the "L" for Loyola Sacred Heart high school, the "M" for U of M, and a now faded "H" for Hellgate high school.

Why do we call it Zootown?

The "ssou" of Missoula is pronounced "zoo," thus, Zootown. It's a fitting name as we like to "Keep Missoula Weird" and we are most definitely the misfit town of Montana. In Zootown you'll see a unicycle rider in a blizzard, someone juggling oranges on a corner, LARPers in the park, and any weekend night spent in downtown Missoula will give you enough to talk about for days.

Whether you're just visiting for the summer or considering staying for a while, here are some things to know if you plan to spend any amount of time in the Garden City. For locals, check out our "A to Z" below to find some highlights to share with people if they dare to question the awesomeness that is Missoula, Montana.

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