If you get tattoos and/or piercings in Missoula, I know you're familiar with these names: Sarauna, Adrienne, and Trist'n. These accomplished MIssoula artists have teamed up to launch their own shop, Brightside Body Art, and their statement says it all.

"We are a team of kick-ass babes fueled by a passion for tattoos, body piercing, jewelry, and customer service."

The Grand Opening of Brightside is today, Friday, August 13th, at 1555 Liberty Lane, at the strip mall just east of the West Broadway McDonald's from 2 to 7 p.m. So basically at the southwest corner of Broadway and Russell. The ladies are excited to officially open their doors to the public, will be offering tours of the studio and will be on hand for meet and greets. Giveaways include gift cards, free piercings, and Brightside merch. Masks are required at the Grand Opening and the artists will be busy showing folks around, so they won't offer services during this event.

Head here for tattoo estimates and to book time online.

After many years of working together, Adrienne, Trist’n, and Sarauna decided to open their own body art studio. These ladies shared the same vision of an inclusive environment for all humans to feel safe, welcomed, and respected.

The trio have more than 30 years of combined experience and their business will be an inclusive and space space for all humans. And they're excited to take your support of their local business, to support other local businesses and organizations they are passionate about. These women are the real deal, we couldn't be more excited for their accomplishments and launch of Brightside!

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