AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson has been heard all over radio for years now, but perhaps not in the way that he’s about to. The singer has just inked a deal to host a six-week radio series for the U.K.’s BBC Radio 2.

The singer, who penned a book called ‘Rockers and Rollers’ about his experiences with music and cars, will use that as the jumping off point for his series. He’s expected to share the songs and artists that have provided the soundtrack to his life, while also offering a few anecdotes from throughout his career.
Johnson told the Sunday Sun, “Everyone thinks doing radio is just sitting down, you put a mic in front of you and just waffle, but it’s not that easy. I sat in this studio with a big black mic in front of us and not an idea. Thankfully [cohorts] Ben Jones and Dan Cocker helped me out.”
The singer’s fascination with cars is well-documented, and he explains that the vehicles help with his memory as he’s gotten older. He explains, “My memory is terrible, but cars always help me remember things. If someone asked, ‘What’s the name of the girl you went out with when you were 19?,’ you couldn’t remember, but you’d remember having a Mini Cooper.”
Johnson said his fascination with cars and with music almost simultaneously went hand in hand, and there was a certain amount of freedom with both that he just always found interesting.
Brian Johnson’s ‘Rockers and Rollers’ series starts Aug. 30 on BBC Radio 2 in the U.K.

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