Here’s something you may not have known about actors Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre: The guys do a pretty good Jonathan Davis impersonation. During a chat with Eyewitness News Mornings in Bakerfield, Calif., months ago, the stars of the FXX show Man Seeking Woman changed the interview midstream to talk about Korn.

Watch above as they ask the anchor if the band is indeed from Bakersfield and then proceed to impersonate Davis’ singing style. The actors even share a handshake after realizing how much they know about Korn. You should also catch the end of the clip where they do some more "ragado-dagado-dagagading."

Yesterday, the band itself commented on the video. The guys in Korn are being good sports and taking the impersonation in stride. They even posted the clip on Twitter and wrote that they think Baruchel “does a way better impression of Korn” than Andre does. They then ask their fans to comment. See their full post below.

While the actors' impersonations may be a part of Davis’ singing repertoire, the frontman has recently been branching out. Late last month, the singer revealed that he has been collaborating with country stars Big and Rich on a “country music project,” while remaining silent about any other details. And just last week, Davis confirmed that he is working with Marilyn Manson on a “completely unexpected” project, refusing to go into further details about that as well. We'll just have to wait and see if any "ragado-dagado-dagagading" makes its way into those collaborations.

You Think You Know Korn?

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