Last week, I was casually doing my show as usual when I received a phone call from the frontman for Three Days Grace, Adam Gontier. He was in town performing a solo acoustic show as he opened for Martin Sexton at the Wilma Theatre. He called me up and said, "Hey, I am in town and looking for something to do. Do you mind if I stop by the Blaze studio and say Hi?" I obviously said, "Yes."

Adam showed up and helped me with Thursday's edition of "The Bakers Dozen." I decided to roll tape the whole time he was here, just to make sure to catch all of the action when we were not on the air. Adam was a super cool dude and we "shot the s#!t" for over an hour. The following is bits and pieces from our time together. On and off the air.

In the first segment, we share our stories of Lemmy encounters, Adam makes a request and we  talk "off-air" about one of our favorite bands, the Deftones.

As we continue to bulls#!t off the air, we discuss the early years of Three Days Grace, Hoobastank, Ghostbusters and the ol skool Canadian sketch show "SC-TV".

In segment 3, we talk "new" Three Days Grace, Hulk Hogan playing bass for Metallica and introduce the U.S.A. to the first band on Adam's record label (Sludge Factory Records) called "Before The Curtain"

If you missed the Before The Curtain song "I Want It All." Check it out here. And keep your fingers crossed that Adam and Three Days Grace stop by Missoula after they release their upcoming album in 2012.

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