For those who've followed All That Remains' Phil Labonte over the years, you are aware the musician is a gun advocate, but that doesn't mean he doesn't see the opportunity for an open discussion concerning guns in the wake of increased mass shootings in schools and elsewhere.

Shortly after the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., Labonte posited, "The debate’s frustrating, at least on the Internet, because you’ve got people that don’t know what they’re talking about saying, ‘Do something.’ Well, what is the ‘something’? If it’s just to pass laws, what are you gonna do? What’s the law?" For every instance of banning a particular gun, there was another instance where that wasn't the source for issue. And he was able to point out the difficulty in passing laws as they relate to infringing upon the second amendment. But he does feel there are people out there with ideas who do "understand guns a little bit."

The singer is a gun owner and continues to advocate for gun ownership, but he has recently added to discussion of the topic making sure to address the responsibility that comes with it. The singer has taken classes and says it's vital for gun owners to receive training on the weapons they use.

"If you are going to own a gun you have a responsibility to know how to use it properly. I can not emphasize enough how important this is. I’ve taken some classes with these guys. If you want to check out some of the evolutions check my YouTube page," says the singer in a tweet.

He adds in a separate post, "I have taken shooting classes, put in hours in the classroom learning about firearms law, spent two weeks at the rifle range in USMC boot camp, taken apart and put back together most of the firearms I own, I have 4 copies of my finger prints and photo on file with the ATF due to my four separate NFA items. I have no misdemeanor or felony arrests on my record. I have family members and friends who have and have had, up to and including, top secret clearance with the federal government. (I mention that because I always assumed they look into you if you’re around ppl w that kind of clearance, maybe they don’t, I dunno) So I am the very guy who would be called a 'responsible' gun owner. It’s getting warmer guys, time to hit the range and brush up your skills. Be safe and get some training!" Labonte also recently posted a "guns I think you need" video breaking down some of his preferred weaponry.

Labonte further laid out his position on guns and gun violence in a series of tweets over the weekend surrounding the March for Our Lives. In one posting, he stated, "I am against gun violence. I am against any aggressive violence. I believe in the non aggression principal. It is wrong to coerce, assault, or defraud people. Full stop. I’m against those things every day. #LibertyEveryday #MarchForOurLives." He also credited The Rock for his posting about being open to dialogue and action as a way to ensure that bad history doesn't repeat itself, while also calling out one protestor, stating, "No one wants to take your gun."

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