Bigger is better. That old axiom has once again been proven to be true.

The good people at AsapSCIENCE have some amazing news to share: you get more bang for your buck when you order a large pizza. In these dark times of uncertainty we're living in, this is one piece of news that should make us all proud to be Americans.

The video gets into the math of why this is the case and, quite frankly, we slept through 10th grade geometry (and again in summer school), but even we understand the logic of the area of a 16-inch pizza being more than twice the size of an eight-inch pizza, which means more food for you and more value for your wallet, since larger pizzas are not generally twice the cost of smaller ones.

Man, if we realized how many practical, real world applications words like "radius" and "diameter" have, we definitely wouldn't have waited until junior year to start paying attention in geometry.

Okay, our brain is full now, but our tummies are not, so please excuse us while we order a (large) pizza.

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