You may have noticed the movie theater going up on the southwest side of the Southgate Mall. The AMC Dine-In Southgate 9, brought to you by the same company that recently bought out the Carmike 12 on Reserve Street, is bringing a new movie going experience to Missoula. The new theater will feature a full menu to enjoy while watching. No more dinner and then a movie. You can order your favorite entree while watching your feature film.

Oh and did I mention wine and beer on tap (for patrons 21-and-over)?

ABC Fox Montana is reporting that the new theater will open on Monday, February 26th, and will allow online reserved seating, paperless ticketing, and ordering off their extensive menu through digital pads on the arm of the theater seats--which are "plush power recliner[s]," we should add.

Their menu features everything from burgers to mac n cheese and even milkshakes. This is going to be great!

AMC Dine-In Southgate 9 opens 2/26/18.

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