Living with an 8 year old, it is safe to say that my house has been visited by the tooth fairy a few times recently. The "baby teeth" are starting to get evicted by the "adult teeth." Which is not for the squeamish. I don't care how tough a person you think you are, watching your kid wiggle a lose tooth back and forth is cringe worthy. Okay, maybe it is just me.

I can't seem to find myself just reaching in my kids mouth and simply yanking the tooth out. I would rather give a badger a pedicure than do that. So, what is the next best way to do it?

We have tried the old fashioned "door trick." You know, the method where you simply tie a piece of dental floss to the tooth and a door handle, and slam the door? It has potential, but is still nerve racking.

We have also tried the "RC car trick." This one involves a little more technology. We tied one end of a 6 foot piece of dental floss to the tooth, and the other end tied to a radio controlled truck. In a drag race style countdown, 3-2-1, we spun the tires. But, we couldn't seem get enough torque to tug the tooth out.

Thankfully, we stumbled across a trending video called "Montana Tooth Pull." This method is not only a tried and true method, but also involves one of our family's favorite activities....ARCHERY.

Watch as a Montanan named Calvin shows us how we do dentistry here in Big Sky Country.

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