We have all heard of the LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS. It was a civilization that was known for being even more technologically advanced, than we are TODAY. Except, their civilization was around 80,000 years ago. It still remains a mystery why the civilization suddenly disappeared. But, they are rumored to have helped build the Pyramids of Egypt, before their disappearance. But, that is not all they built.

A researcher, named Alexander Putney, believes that the Atlantean civilization built pyramids and temples all over the planet. Most are hidden in plain sight.

According to Putney's study

mountainous landscapes were selected by the Atlantean culture in various regions of the world at resonant geopositions in relation to the Great Pyramid, along Fibonacci-ordered nodal points of resonant infrasound standing wavepaths. At select sites, entire mountains were painstakingly reshaped, augmented and refaçaded as giant half-pyramids connected to the mountain ridge behind by walkways from the apex.

After several hours of searching through topography maps covering the Salmon River and surrounding mountainous region of central Idaho, my attention turned to the Bitterroot National Forest of western Montana. After several minutes of surveying that area, I quickly became awestruck by the surreal geometry of the mountainscapes of the entire area, as a new and wondrous recognition sunk into me.

Putney believes that these pyramids are all part of a connected network of pyramids. With Montana hosting what is called the Pyramid of Zu. Using geometry and ley lines, Putney discovered not one, but five possible hidden temples in the Bitterroot mountains.

The newly identified Montana complex presents numerous pyramids equal in size to those in Bosnia, yet altogether comprise a much greater number of perfectly refaçaded pyramids and temples that extends over an area several times larger than the acknowledged surface area of the Visoko pyramid complex in Bosnia.

What do you think. Could these temples be the reason so many gold mines surfaced in the area? Is the gold miners have found in the Bitterroot, eroding from an ancient temple? Alexander Puney makes a pretty solid argument, in his 34 page documentation of the pyramids.