Rock on the Range featured a number of great bands this year, but sometimes, you need a break from pummeling rock music. Sometimes, you need to chill with some pizza and tacos.  ESP Guitars and Andrew W.K. hooked up some lucky fans with both pizza and tacos at last weekend's Rock on the Range Festival.

The party took place at the Music Experience tent, where Andrew W.K.'s custom-made taco and pizza-inspired guitars were on display, and where he and his band met with fans. During the Loudwire and LiveXLive stream, Loudwire's own Josh Bernstein gave viewers an inside look at the event.

W.K. credited ESP as a "collection of guitar geniuses," who helped to facilitate his unique instruments and funded the party, where fans not only got a chance to chow down on their choice of snacks but also meet the musician and the guitarists from his band.

Tony Rauser from ESP Guitars was also on hand to share a little bit of insight on the guitars, telling viewers, "Andrew was so involved in the design. The guitar was built as a plain white body and everything you see here was painted by Andrew by hand." In the clip above, you get a close-up look at the detail of the unique instruments, including the stunning "eye" that W.K. painted on the back side of his guitar.

Get a closer look as we visit the ESP / Andrew W.K. pizza and taco bash, talk with fans, check out the guitars and more in the video above.

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