Jane's Addiction returns today with their first studio album in more than eight years. The Great Escape Artist sees the band working with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek on bass, along with Chris Chaney, who returned last year after original bassist Eric Avery departed again. Guitarist Dave Navarro says that unlike their last album, 2003's Strays, The Great Escape Artist sees the band making something "really diverse."

Ozzy Osbourne continues to provide free advice in celebration of last week's publication of his second book, Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock's Ultimate Survivor.

Amongst his latest words of wisdom offered through Dr. Ozzy's Seven-Day Guide to Better Living on Twitter and Facebook are:

  • "Sometimes you've got to make yourself unhappy to be happy. I get anxious before gigs, but I love the rush when I get onstage."
  • "Make sure to buy little gifts for your partner at unexpected moments so when you forget a birthday you'll get less of a beating."
  • "If you think it might be the booze, it's the booze."
  • "Tattoos - you can do it yourself, but I'd advise not to as things can go wrong when you're stabbing yourself with a rusty fork."
  • And, "If you write to Dr. Ozzy to ask if something is right or wrong...you know it's wrong."

Good news for Papa Roach fans, yesterday Jacoby Shaddix tweeted that the band is returning to the studio November 1st.  P Roach just wrapped up the Rock Allegiance Tour with Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D., Crossfade, Red and Drive A in late September and are taking some time off before they start work on the new album.

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