Sixx A.M.'s new EP 7 is streaming now through Sunday at AOL Music. The EP features reworkings of seven songs from their first two albums. Singer-guitarist James Michael calls the tracks on 7 "stripped down, pulled apart and reconstructed from a different perspective." 7 is due out next Tuesday.

A company in Manchester, England has developed an app to help you better understand the accent of those from Birmingham, England. Known as the Brummie accent, the iBrummie app translates it into the Queen's English and then says it all out loud. However, it's not known if it will help you understand one of Birmingham's most famous citizens, Ozzy Osbourne. The app will be available for iPhone and Android starting December 19th.

Sevendust's December 10th show at The Rave in Milwaukee will stream at TheRaveLive.com.

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