After weeks of procrastination, I finally built up the courage to climb the ladder and put up my holiday lights. It is nothing special, and I did manage to pull a "Clark G" and staple my glove to the siding. But, they are up. I feel a little let down though. I feel I could bring more to the festive neighborhood, in my own smart-ass kind of way. I mean c'mon, it is kind of what my neighbors know me as anyways. Why not embrace my ability to annoy? Forget the flashing snowmen and reindeer. Inspired by the Gunderson family, I plan to make my own Winter PUN-derland for all to enjoy.

  • "NO L"
  • Candy "Michael" Canes
  • "Season-ing" Greetings
  • "Ginger-Breadman"
  • Silent Knight

If you have got your holiday decorations up, DO NOT FORGET to enter our "Light Up Western Montana" photo contest.

Between now and December 16, we need you to share photos of your most creative, most beautiful, and most PUNderful holiday displays.

We want to see it!

One lucky winner will score a smooth $500 to recoup some of the energy bill your light display is going to eat up. So it is worth a shot.

Ready to light up Western Montana and send 2022 out with the brightest celebration ever? Submit your photo by clicking here or submit your photo through our app.

There is no better time than now to start getting those lights up. Plus, there is no better time than now to begin annoying your neighbors. Bust out your army of "silent knights" and get to work.

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