An anonymous gift to the Missoula Police Department will help to encourage kids around Missoula to practice bicycle safety with a Dairy Queen treat.

Detective Sergeant Jim Klowitter said on Thursday that the police department was contacted by Missoula resident.

"Years ago three was an eight or nine year-old kid riding his bicycle and he was stopped by an officer for wearing his bike helmet and the officer gave him a token for free ice cream at Dairy Queen," Klowitter said. "That helped to shape his opinion of the Missoula Police Department from a young age, and he just wanted to pass that on to the next generation of kids."

Klawitter said the anonymous donor responded generously.

"He got together with the folks at Dairy Queen and brought a thousand tokens for ice cream cones for officers to give out to kids who are wearing their bike helmets," he said. "It just started July 8, and the response has been very positive so far. As officers drive around during their regular patrols, they'll be keeping an eye out for kids wearing their bike helmets."

KGVO News reached out to Dairy Queen and learned that the Higgins Avenue location management was so moved by the man's generosity, that they actually donated the 1,000 tokens to the police department. The manager said they hope to continue the tradition every summer to help encourage kids to practice bike safety.


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