We've had a couple major construction projects around Missoula the last couple of years. The Russell St. Bridge looks fantastic after it received its makeover and I can't wait to see what the Higgins Avenue Bridge will look like when the project is complete. And the Higgins project is probably the only thing that actually benefits from not having the Missoula Marathon. The community will miss the in-person event again this year and tourism money will take another hit - but construction won't have to try and work around the marathon in any way this summer.

Road construction is always a headache for commuters. Missoula has seen its share of it recently and people have noticed. We were discussing a story last week where the idea is being considered to update the Montana state flag. We posted the story on Facebook and asked for ideas that could be incorporated into a new flag if a redesign were to happen. One Facebook comment on our page suggested construction cones - HA!

Well, if your commute takes you downtown you might notice another downtown project that just started. The City of Missoula Police Department shared the following info on social media this week.

If the construction at Third Street and Higgins Avenue affects your daily route, the good news is it's only scheduled to last about two months. You can stay updated with the project through a weekly email from Big Sky PR - just send an email to Kristine@BigSkyPublicRelations.com to get on the distribution list. You can also call the hotline at (406) 207-4484 or text "HIGGINS" to 41411 to receive updates via text.

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