Had to bum out my teenager twice in the past week or so. Teens and families alike were super bummed to hear about the Missoula Maze and Pumpkin Patch closing permanently as the owners have sold it. Now we have to break the sad news to you that the Missoula Haunted House is closing permanently.

In a Facebook post earlier this month, owner Richard Davenport explained that producing an annual event from scratch has taken a back seat to more important priorities in his life. He thanked the community and all of the actors and builders who he has worked with to make awesome Halloween memories over the years, you can see his full post below. I love the accompanying picture that says, "TLDR; NO MORE MISSOULA HAUNTED HOUSE." I mean, I love the hilarity of it, certainly not the news.

In a feature on the closure, KPAX revealed that the more important priority in Richard Davenport's life is a new baby! Making his decision extremely understandable. A parent of a newborn can't even find a quick moment to use the bathroom or shower, let alone create an entire Halloween experience. So we certainly get it, but we'll miss the fun of being genuinely scared with other Missoulians during the Halloween season.

Get this though, the owner says if the right person wanted to take the reigns, he'd work with them to turn over the Haunted House. Hit him up on the Facebook page if you have serious interest in taking over.

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