Our state is one of the biggest "gun loving" states in the country. The state has had a solid gun culture since it was first settled. We are no strangers to guns and especially gun safety. That is why I chose to start training my son on gun safety as early as 3 years old. I was recently perusing the gun counter at a local sporting goods store, and my son pointed out a handgun and said "that's a NICE gun daddy, but it is not a toy." I agreed with him and couldn't be more proud that he recognizes the fact that you must respect a gun. We have even gone as far as to use gun safety when handling his NERF guns. He knows not to ever point his gun at another person, even if it is a toy.

For people outside of our state, they may not understand our gun culture. Some feel that no child should ever handle a gun, regardless of age. I couldn't disagree more. Even if you live in a gun free home, I feel that a child not learning gun safety at a young age, is dangerous. It is the kids that are not aware of how dangerous a gun is, that end up mishandling them.

NBC's "What Would You Do?" recently aired an scenario that involved a dad attempting to buy his young son a gun. See the reactions from shoppers, when a "concerned citizen" criticizes the dad for bad parenting.

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