One of our favorite holidays is nearly here. A day where, regardless of your lineage, we are all a little Irish. With St. Patrick's day coming up, some are searching for a little "luck of the Irish."

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There is little agreement on origins of this idiom, and some suggest it simply means that the Irish are inherently lucky, and seem to be able to land on their feet when bad circumstances occur. Others trace origin of the phrase to the US where, especially during the exploration for gold in the west, there were a high number of Irish people who got lucky, and found their “pot o’ gold”


Where are the luckiest places in Missoula?

We ranked our Top 10 places in Missoula based on different criteria as people have different things they might consider lucky. Some consider financial gain as lucky. Some consider finding love lucky. Others think successfully accomplishing goals is lucky. Some may actually search for a REAL "pot o' gold." So if you're looking for a little luck, you might find it in some of the following places.


Looking to meet someone? You may have a little luck searching for love at a bar downtown. It is a technique that singles have tried for hundreds of years. Far before dating apps came along.


Missoula has no shortage of casinos. You can't walk very far without tripping over a KENO machine. If you're feeling lucky, one of those machines might pay off.


If you are able to afford to go to college, you are already pretty lucky. But, the UM campus is a great place to accomplish goals and even possibly meet your love.


Montana was founded by people searching for gold. With a little luck, you can find gold all over western Montana. Including the Bitterroot River

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