Here's a blast from the past. A couple of weeks ago we were headed outta town and we popped into the northside Ole's to fill up the tank and get a Red Bull for the road. I was happy to see a familiar face, my old school chum Mike Hamlin, who is also known for his mighty work at Missoula's Silver Dollar Bar. Mike had recently run across an old newspaper clipping and had a shot of it on his phone, so he showed it to me and I was immediately transported back to 1984. Holy hell, it was a picture from when we were on the cover of the Missoulian for utilizing the community garden on the northside near the ballpark. 

Do you remember the gardens back then? It was an offshoot of 4-H, some program where we were supposed to be learning about nutrition and growing our own veggies. I remember really wanting my broccoli to succeed as my Mom liked fresh broccoli. I know Ms. Mary Ambrose is seen in the back of the group, she was an RSVP volunteer, which was a program for seniors who wanted to be active in the community. Kim Meagher and Mike Hamlin are in the pic, they are quoted in the article. And that's me on the very right in one of the handmade "GROWPOWER" shirts we made for gardening.

The article itself is kind of sad, it talks about how our gardens were constantly vandalized, and that nobody in the community would donate fencing to protect them. And, it basically explains how all of us still hated vegetables, even after learning to grow them and taste all of them. I bet this write-up didn't make the organizers feel too great. But we probably thought it was cool to be in the paper! I circled me and Mike, know anybody else here?


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