Let me ask you something. Can you spell? Do you like local Missoula beer? Well, have I got the event for you, friend.

Not to brag, but growing up I was a pretty good speller. My talent comes from a photographic memory, however. As I got older and discovered wonderful Montana-brewed beer, that memory took a hit, but It's a fair trade in my opinion. If you're like me and can spell just above average, and also enjoy a good Missoula beer, well you're going to love this.

Draught Works Brewery (Septer IPA, That's What She Said Cream Ale, etc...) is once again holding its popular adult spelling bee! With all of the bar trivia and bingo nights, this is a refreshing change-up. I spoke with the Draught Works amazing beer rep, Katie, and she broke things down for me.

Each year the prior champion is invited back to defend their belt. Now if you want to enter, you do have to be able to spell. You can't just randomly show up for free beer and not be able to spell a word like reste.. restaure... the place where you pay to eat food. You'll have to take a written test first. After the test is graded, the top 9 people will join the champion on the stage for the contest. Prizes range from killer Draught Works merchandise to free beer and more. Full details can be found on the events Facebook page HERE.

Courtesy of Katie S/Draught Works Brewery
Courtesy of Katie S/Draught Works Brewery

This portrayal of adult drinking spelling talent will take place at the brewery (915 Toole Avenue, Missoula) on Tuesday, April 11th at 6 pm. Now even if you aren't an amazing orthographist (memorize that word, it might be used) you are still invited to grab your friends and enjoy a cold one and cheer on the contestants!

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