Finally! They agreed on who is goin to be able to afford thier own diamond encrusted Bentley. Its about friggin time. The threats of canceling the whole 2011 NFL season was making me sick to my stomach. What was making me even more sick was what the players and owners were fighting over. Billions upon Billions of dollars.

For those who don't understand what the lock out was all about, its simple. It was Millionaires versus Billionaires, fighting over money. The NFL Players union wanted a bigger piece of the Multi-Billion Dollar pie while the owners of the teams felt they were'nt making enough to afford their gold plated yachts.

The Owners and Players Union used to split the $9Billion dollar bounty 50-50%. But when the owners felt they deserved more, it created a "S#!T STORM". Resulting in a 4 1/2 month labor lockout. From the sounds of the deal they will settle with : Owners 53%- Players 47%

According to the associated press: