The man known for taking down the alien in "Predator" and saving John Connor in "Terminator 2," recently paid a visit to the fire crew fighting the West Mullan fire near Superior.

According to our partners at KECI

The public information officer for the West Mullan Fire, Pat McKelvey, confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Montana to work on a documentary.  He arrived at a West Mullan Fire camp at 5:30 a.m. Monday morning.  After eating breakfast with the firefighters, he headed out on the fire lines with a hotshot crew.


Arnold's documentary is focusing on climate change and the effects on wildfires. The documentary is set to air on Showtime.

According to Arnold's Facebook page:

It was an honor to spend time with the Snake River Hotshots for Years of Living Dangerously. I play an action hero in movies; these are true action heroes. Thanks guys.

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