These police officers have been to smell and back.

A man in the back of a squad car in Richmond, Calif. managed to take off of his clothes, go number two, eat all the excrement and then spit it at the cops.

There's something you don't see on Cops everyday.

The man, who's not been identified, had a warrant out for his arrest and was en route to county jail because he had caused trouble while authorities tried to book him at the police station.

While in the car, the man performed a sick trick by stripping down to his birthday suit, throwing his clothing out the window while the vehicle was in motion and then defecating -- all while his cuffs were on. Someone get this guy an audition on America's Got Talent.

As if that wasn't bizarre enough, the man also ate the fecal matter before spitting it at the officers bringing him to jail in the front seat.

More officers were summoned to deal with the situation and no one was hurt.

We're sure this incident won't be forgotten and while they say justice is blind, we can also only hope it's hard of smelling, too.

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