Rube Goldberg contraptions are all over the Internet from small machines made from simple household items to massive contraptions that took months to build. This artistic installment is one of the more unique designs inspired by the late cartoonist’s brilliant idea.

Artist Josh Van Praag used his digital arts skills and some video projectors to turn a custom built home in Panama City, Florida into a massive Rube Goldberg machine.

The massive installation was part of Digital Graffiti, an annual art festival that showcases pieces of art done entirely through video projection. Van Praag’s massive piece only required a Mac Pro tower and two projectors to turn a simple two story home into an unnecessarily complex looking machine.

Van Praag’s work of art required a great deal of work. Once he finished the long and difficult task of designing and building the artwork on his computer, he had to make sure it would fit on the building. The only way he could do that was to visit the home in the early part of the morning and project the video from his car on the side of a busy highway. During one test run, he almost lost all of his computer equipment after a sudden rainstorm sent him running for cover with his equipment under his arms.

It’s even more impressive given the pressing deadline that he had for this project. He only had two weeks to finish the entire thing.

We hope Van Praag is lying in his warm bed right now, catching up on all the sleep he sacrificed to put together such an impressive work of art.

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