You probably notice Ashlee Adams is a tattooed sexbomb crafty enough to break our hearts with a pair of librarian glasses. What you might not know is this two-time Penthouse Pet is an avid gamer, and if there’s anything sexier than a girl that will shoot you in the face, its one who taunts you afterwords in an Australian accent.

When not kicking your ass in the latest shooter, Ms. Adams feeds Tumblr a parade of sexy shots, some of which we posted below. Keep your eyes open for fanboy bait, and you may see her in what may charitably be called half of a Hogwarts uniform.

We hear Adams hopes to be named Penthouse Pet of the Year, which means we look forward to more shiny shots of her outback and her down under. We’ll stop now with the Australia puns. You really don’t want to hear the one about kookaburras.

While you’re doing that it may interest you to learn that this self-confessed high school nerd [link NSFW] also made a documentary about the life of a Penthouse Pet. So you get all of the sexy stripper’s videos in a sociologically presentable package. Neat!

ashlee adams
ashlee adams dressed as harry potter
ashlee adams in bra

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