If you've been saving up your hard-earned dough for the inevitable limited edition Frankin Mint coins honoring Donald Trump and his loving family, you might want to wait a little longer -- especially if your love for AC/DC trumps your interest in politics.

Not only is the Australian government honoring the 45th anniversary of AC/DC by issuing 30,000 new commemorative coins, they "Thunderstuck" ten of the collectibles with artificial lightning! The Royal Australian Mint worked with The Questacon National Science and Technology Centre to charge the ten special coins with 3,500,000 volts of electricity, using a Tesla coil. Needless to say, it was a, err, High Voltage experience for all involved.

“AC/DC is famous for their electrifying energy. It’s in their music, the titles of some of their songs, even their insignia," said Royal Australian Mint chief executive officer Ross MacDiarmid in a statement, adding that all the coins are officially licensed band merch. “We weren’t sure what effect the lightning would have on the coins, but we discovered that because the coins are such excellent conductors of electricity, the lightning’s mark is only visible under magnification.”

So, how can fans track down the 10 electrified items? It's kind of like winning a "golden ticket" from Willy Wonka. The special coins will be randomly sent out to 10 customers that order the "AC/DC 45 Years of Thunder" Uncirculated Coins through the Mint's online site.

“Striking these 10 coins with lightning adds a uniquely AC/DC element to this release," said MacDiarmid. "To help the 10 lucky customers identify their Thunderstruck coins, we have added unique frosting to the coin’s AC/DC logo.”

In addition to the collector's coins, The Mint has issued a nickel-plated, $5 coin shaped like a guitar pick and decorated with the band's iconic logo. Consumers will also receive a real guitar pick with their order, which will arrive in an amp-shaped box.

Royal Australian Mint
Royal Australian Mint

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