Remember back to the "before times?" Back when concerts were shoulder to shoulder crowds? Back when you only slightly cared if that sweaty/shirtless guy rubbed up against you in the pit? We remember. We think back to kickass shows like the Blaze Backyard BBQ, and remember the bands that brought us all together to celebrate BBQ, beer and bands. With headliners Breaking Benjamin tearing up the stage. Rock super group Saint Asonia, featuring members of Three Days Grace, Staind and Seether. The then up and coming bands Shaman's Harvest and Stitched Up Heart. And, a band that truly "WOW'd" everyone in the crowd. Swedish heavy metal rockers Avatar.

It appears that a long awaited return to Montana is in order for Avatar. Pack up your clown makeup and get ready for a road trip to the Magic City. Avatar have announced a show this October in Billings.

Avatar: Going Hunting Tour with Magic Sword, Tallah

Tuesday October 12th at the Pub Station in Billings, MT

According to the press release for the show

AVATAR returns in 2020 with a bold manifesto called ​Hunter Gatherer​. The band’s eighth album is an unflinchingly ruthless study of a clueless humankind’s ever-increasing velocity into an uncertain future, furthering the reach of the band’s always expanding dark roots. Songs like “A Secret Door,” “Colossus,” and “Age of Apes” are ready-made anthems for the modern age, each struggling for a collective meaning amidst the savagery of technology.

Tickets are currently on sale. They are general admission only tickets. The cost is $29. Purchase tickets now at the Pub Station's website.

80s Missoula Concert Ticket Stubs


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