Montana has become a recent hotspot for Hollywood film and television productions (so much so that I feel they should broadcast at least part of this year's Oscars right here in Missoula). Soon we'll be able to catch up with the fourth season of Yellowstone and see tons of Missoula locals popping up as extras; but in the meantime, here's another production that seems well worth your time.

A new movie called Cowboys is hitting video-on-demand services on Friday, February 12th. The movie was shot in 2019 and filmed in locations like Missoula, Flathead Valley, and Glacier National Park. And though it premieres for the public tomorrow, there's a chance you may have seen it already - if you attended this year's virtual Montana Film Fesitval, that is.

The film has actually made the rounds at a few festivals, including Tribeca, where it won awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actor (for lead performer Steve Zahn). Cowboys is about a father (played by Zahn) who escapes with his transgender son to live in the Montana wilderness after his wife can't accept that their child is trans.

The movie's been getting terrific reviews, and currently holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Alongside Steve Zahn (from movies like Reality Bites and Thing You Do!), Jillian Bell (Workaholics), Ann Dowd (The Leftovers), and newcomer Sasha Knight co-star.

Think you'll be checking out Cowboys? The subject matter sounds heavy, but if reviews and festival awards are anything to go by, it sounds like it's very good. Plus, maybe you'll spot some familiar locations along the way. For more info on the movie, you can check out it's IMDB page.

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