For some households, the task of putting up the holiday lights is a annual tradition. Some households have their storage units packed with lights and plastic reindeer most of the year, and then bust them out for just a couple weeks of twinkle.

For my family, we were usually pretty lazy around the holidays. In fact, one year, my Dad spent an entire Saturday putting up Christmas lights. But, he never worked up the motivation to take them down. Sadly, the only way the Christmas lights came down was due to a housefire we had later that July....TRUE STORY!

If you haven't found the time to put up your lights this year. Or, maybe you cant physically climb that ladder to put them up? Thankfully their is someone willing to help. There is a REALLY RAD guy, who I am happy to call a friend, that is offering to hang your Christmas lights here in Missoula.

Logan Shelton has volunteered much of his time over the last few weeks. He is hanging lights for people all over Missoula.

According to a MTN News

He’s decorated about 50 houses so far, and says if he spends a few hours on each house, he can get about four done in a day.

It’s keeping him busy from sun up, to sun down.

Shelton tells us his mom loved Christmas, and after she died last Thanksgiving, he decided to put his construction skills to the test for her favorite holiday.

If you are in need of a little help with your holiday light display, you can reach out to Logan via Facebook.


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