KISS may have just found a new member… and this one can’t even make the “I love you” sign, let alone try and trademark it. In Texas, a baby calf was recently born and she looks exactly like Gene Simmons.

Born in Kerrville, Texas, this calf’s distinct facial markings make her look just like The Demon from KISS. The people at her home ranch even named the calf Genie. The ranch raises cows for the local Cowboy Steak House, but Genie will avoid being served on a plate thanks to her face. “Obviously, we can’t serve this find specimen,” reports the Hill Country Visitor. “We may just keep Genie as we call her, as a mascot for the Steakhouse.”

The photo of Genie even made it back to KISS and Gene Simmons:

A San Antonio news team went to report on Genie the calf, returning with enough cow puns to make Genie want to throw herself into the slaughterhouse:

“Some are calling it a MOO-ricle.”

“At first, Heather thought it was UTTER nonsense!”

“Genie says ‘don’t have a cow.’ To her, it’s all a-MOO-sing.”

“Will she have to face the MOO-sic?”

“Genie says that would be a nothing burger.”

“Eyewitness MOOs.”

You can watch the KENS 5 news report above and see Genie the calf for yourself. As for KISS, they’ll be touring Texas in September, so maybe Gene Simmons will go down to meet Genie for himself.

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