This weekend, the popular Coyote Creek Trail south of Hamilton will get some attention from the Bitterroot Back Country Horsemen (BRBCH).

The group is partnering with the Bitterroot National Forest to do a trail cleanup Saturday, May 13, from about 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Those who use the trail should be on the lookout for volunteer work crews.

The Coyote Creek Trail is an easy trail that lots of novice riders use - on horses and bicycles. The trail is in the Darby Ranger District.

The Bitterroot Back Country Horsemen was one of the first such chapters in the U.S. and have annually worked on trails to maintain access to the backcountry for stock users and hikers. It's estimated they spend over 600 personal hours on the job each year.

So, when you do see them on the trail this weekend, say "Thank you!"

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