We asked, you answered, and what we learned is that there sure were a lot of ass whoopins back in the day.

For me, I would say kids today will never understand what it's like to just sit and observe. Whether it's alone at your locker at lunch, or waiting for the bus, 2018 kids miss a lot of what's going on around them because they think they're getting the scoop by staring at their phones. Here are some of your answers.

"Falling asleep in class and the teacher finding out, slowly running the chalkboard eraser along the tray then sending the built up chalkbomb toward your head to startle you awake. . . Then walking around for the next hour with a cloud following your every move like a Pillsbury doughboy version of Tinkerbell." -Matthew

"Texting your friends without looking because of T9" -Kayla

"Until I was in the 4th grade girls had to wear dresses to school. So cold in the winter at recess!" -Judy Lynn

"Not being able to wear your “school” clothes and shoes, BEFORE school started." -Shelly

"Teachers asking to borrow my pocket knife because they knew I always carried one." -Sean

"Not having snow days. You went no matter what." -Paula

"Going to the school 2 weeks before school starts and looking at all the classes posted on the wall. Seeing who was in your class and where all your friends were!" -Maddelyn

"Blue light specials!!" -Richy

"Walking every day and meeting with friends along the way." -Laura

"Getting spanked by the principal or your teacher." -Michael

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