In a recent Rock Sound interview, Atreyu vocalist Alex Varkatzas raised a few eyebrows, claiming that his band invented metalcore while in the midst of a bigger discussion of where they fit in the music scene these days.

"When we first started it was a little easier," stated the singer. "We were a metallic hardcore band with singing parts. There wasn’t any else like that when we were doing it. People get confused and say ‘You’re a metalcore band,' but we invented metalcore. That may sound cocky but I don’t care. We pre-date Poison the Well and Killswitch Engage and all those bands. I’ve been doing this since I was literally 12 years old."

As expected, the bold statement did elicit some reaction, with one Twitter user pointing out the Loudwire story to Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle, who had his own take on metalcore's beginnings.

"Everyone knows I invented metalcore," Coyle initially tweeted with a wink and smile emoji, before offering a more to-the-point reflection on metalcore's beginnings.

"In all seriousness, in the modern sense of what metalcore means - technical, metallic, thrash inspired riffing combined with breakdowns & the energy of hardcore & also a blend of screamed & melodic vocals - I think these 2 bands invented (modern metalcore)," stated Coyle, then pointing to Overcast and Cave In.

Coyle went on to cite Starkweather, Converge, Vision of Disorder, Earth Crisis and Rorschach as "honorable mentions" from metalcore's early days in a follow-up comment.

One of his Twitter followers then reached out specifically about the Overcast and Cave In suggestions, with Coyle stating, "[Cave In's] Until Your Heart Stops is the most definitive precursor to what would come. It contained every element."

What say you metalcore fans? Does Varkatzas' statement hold up? Is Coyle more on the money? Might you have a different act that should be credited with metalcore's start? Head to the comments section of this post to discuss below.

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