If you haven't heard, there is a new live music venue in Great Falls, and they are booking some really killer shows. Just announced for this summer, Bad Wolves.

It's time to gas up the rig and head on over to the G-Funk for another great show just announced. If you're unfamiliar with Bad Wolves, they are the band that did the amazing cover of the Cranberries' "Zombie". It goes way deeper than that, however. You see the band was set to record the cover with Cranberries singer/songwriter, Dolores O’Riordan. Right before the two were set to record, Dolores passed away. The band stepped up and did the right thing. After recording and releasing the track, they donated the proceeds to her family totaling over $250,000!

You know they will play that track live, along with the other huge hits like "Remember When" and "Killing Me Slowly".

The Newberry in Great Falls just announced their show. Check out the details below.


Tuesday, July 23rd.  Doors at 6 pm show at 7:30 pm. (No opener has been announced yet.

Ticket price: $31.50 to $55

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Ticket choices include Loft Tickets (these are first come, first served and have limited cocktail standing tables and a private bar when available).

This venue and these shows are a really good thing for Great Falls. I've visited and spent many summers there, and always thought that they definitely had a rock crowd, but it was unfortunate that there wasn't a venue to cater. Make sure to take a list of all their upcoming shows! 


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