The sports fan cutout craze has finally come to the University of Montana!

While basketball fans can't be at Griz and Lady Griz games in person (at least not yet), you can now show your support. Basketball is back in Dahlberg Arena. And with it an exciting opportunity for you loyal fans to still have a presence in Dahlberg this season!

Grizzly athletics is happy to provide fans with an option for this upcoming season. Purchase your fan cutout today to secure your spot in Dahlberg Arena. Purchasing a cutout in your official Griz gear is your chance to help enhance the atmosphere and visual presence in Dahlberg Arena this season.

Proceeds from the sales will go directly to the Grizzly Scholarship Association to support our student-athletes. Should the season be altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans will be contacted regarding their cutouts. All orders will be verified by Grizzly Athletics.

Purchase before Christmas to have your cutout in the stands for the game on January 2nd. But orders will still be taken following this date and cutouts will be added to Dahlberg Arena as they are received. Now, there is no guarantee when they will be placed in the stands depending on the order date and the next home game.

The cost per cutout is only $35. There are some University of Montana and NCAA rules and guidelines that must be followed, including policies on logo wear, product identification, personal statements, etc. And selfies are not recommended.

If you want to find out more about the whole process and be a Griz Cutout Fan, just go here.


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