Halloween is almost here, and we at 96.3 The Blaze are looking to take you on a real paranormal investigation. This isn’t some spooky haunted house, designed to make you shiver and scream. This is an actual paranormal investigation, with western Montana’s own Tortured Souls Investigations.

This year, we are looking to uncover what the source of all the spooky claims we have heard of the infamously haunted Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. On Sunday10/15, we are going to see if we can capture evidence of these reported hauntings. This is going to be our biggest and possibly scariest investigation yet.

If you want to be part of the annual Ghost Hunt, simply share with us a BRIEF story of an experience you have had, or reasons why you should be part of the team. We will chose a winner and a guest to join us and TSI for the investigation.

"DEAD"line to enter is Thursday 10/12 at Midnight. Winner will be announced ironically enough on Friday the 13th.

NOTE: The investigation will take place out of town on a Sunday night, so be prepared to make proper arrangements for Monday morning.

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